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We’re people who believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence to save money, save lives, and with current mission to fight the COVID 19 . Our mission was to make a  most accurate fever screening device which can be used by any technical or non technical person anywhere anytime for mass screening . And CONSPICOR IR System is result of this mission.

Conspicor  concept was evolved in 2014 by our founders, who wanted to make remote work simple, safe and portable. The  Conspicor IR original system prototype was developed with help of J C Michael Incorporation and Code Bucket . With the help of international technical partners Like Intel, Sony , Zeiss , LL Vision,  Fujikura, Fujitsu , ATC, Samsung we are presenting Conspicor IR.

Today we are a global band of designers and engineers passionate about using our skills to do good as we strive to overcome the barriers of distance from being an everyday experience.


About Conspicor IR

Conspicor IR is Artificial intelligence  Based Intelligent Smart Glass Forehead Targeting Fever Screening  Wearable Solution. Conspicor is made to  screen large number of people accurately with a safer distance without danger of contamination.

Available in three packages : 


While other IR Camera based system target face or body Conspicor system is made to target forehead from where temperature is taken . Medically its forehead not the face which is source of body temperature screening.

Embedded with environmental and distance compensation algorithms, as well as double spectrum fitting and blackbody correction, avoiding false alarm.

Respond in 1 Second Recognize and measure multiple faces simultaneously (5 faces/frame). If target includes alert information (for instance, isolated person), Conspicor Computing Glass will display alert details and temperature reading within 1 second, combined with notification sound.

Contactless Conspicor is capable for recognizing and measuring multiple targets upto 3 meters away. Benefit from advance facial recognition algorithm and automatic forehead temperature reading technology, audiences do not need to remove their masks while scanning.

Conspicor system uses Algorithm developed in guidance with Indian and International experts and tested by professional medical researcher

The algorithm was written for Indian weather condition eliminating the climatic error.

The Basic Conspicor module is just 60 grams and did not have any battery or wifi source in glass make it safe for brain from radiation generated by Battery or Wi-Fi.

Can be used as stand alone or with  Medical Safety Goggle, Helmet Mount , Industrial Glass etc.

If user wants Conspicor can also verify the employee Identity with its temperature by its records .






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